Happy New Year from Kabul

January 1, 2010 by
A colleague and I landed at Dubai and went on to Kabul, Afghanistan on December 30. Now, having made our way through some of the most amazing traffic in the world (horrible city roads, incredible numbers of cars and trucks mixed with pedestrians and animal-pulled vehicles) we settled in to begin a 3-week consultation on various USAID projects proposed for 7 North and West Afghan Provinces.
The energy/infrastructure projects are part of the international effort to revitalize this nation. Provincial Reconstruction Teams from various nations have been working side by side with US and other nations’ troops to improve the lives of people in some of the poorest parts of this poor nation. The PRTs have been doing incredible work for more than 5 years, in every Province throughout Afghanistan, including many where the security risks are very high. This is noble, hard work by people and organizations from many countries. I’ll try to keep you posted on some of the activities as we go along over the next 3 weeks.
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