Obama Energy Policy Helps Hugo Chavez, Hu Jintao

October 12, 2010 by

Below is my latest opinion piece in OpposingViews on the implications of new offshore drilling in Cuban territorial waters and the continuing threat of new U.S. energy taxes.

“News of new drilling scheduled to begin next year in Cuba’s territorial waters – just some 50 miles from Florida’s coast – represents a dangerous irony. As the U.S. maintains its ban on deepwater drilling, a Spanish energy company is preparing new exploratory wells in the Gulf of Mexico with the help of a Chinese-made rig. And state-owned oil companies from as far away as Norway, Vietnam and Malaysia are lined up to acquire Cuban drilling leases.

“While these developments add perspective to the Obama administration’s counter-productive drilling moratorium, they also reveal a far more ironic – and dangerous – policy proposal brewing in Washington: punitive new taxes directed only at American energy companies.”

Read the full article here.

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