Why California’s Prop 23 is Essential to Economy

November 7, 2010 by

My latest op-ed was published last week in OpposingViews, where I discuss why passage of California’s Proposition 23 was essential to the state’s economic health:

Prop 23 will give policymakers the opportunity to begin anew and craft environmental regulation that helps the environment, without making the state’s dire economic situation even worse. It is up to the voters tomorrow. If they pass Prop 23, better, more accurate analysis can be done; a more thorough examination of AB 32 can then be conducted, and, if necessary, new or improved ideas can be brought to the table.”

And although Prop 23 failed last week, Californians approved Proposition 26, which requires the state’s voters to approve new taxes and charges by a two-thirds super majority, rather than a simple majority. It’s at least a start to offsetting the potential harm of California’s AB 32.

The full piece can be found here: http://bit.ly/bgk2wC.

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