Grand Junction Business Times: Squeaker wheels distract from energy conversation

May 25, 2016 by

There’s an old saying: “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.” Environmental activists and groups are taking this idiom to new heights, planning extreme events across the country and the world to act out in civil disobedience in protest of the fossil fuel industry.

From Pennsylvania to Washington, organized protests sniffingly titled “Break Free from Fossil Fuels,” are led by billionaire “purists” in a group called Their paid recruits and followers will disrupt normal activity to push their extreme and nonsensical ideology.

In, Utah some 90 protesters crashed a U.S. Bureau of Land Management auction and started singing. The U.S. government accommodates people who want to attend, so protesters prevent anyone from speaking and consider it a success if it results in a shutdown of the event. This is not freedom of speech. It’s not responsible. It’s gangsterism paid for by billionaires. Neither the leaders of the movement nor their fun-seeking demonstrators seem to realize the disruptions distract rather than add to a much larger and needed conversation about energy development. Organized protests like these offer no ideas, just rhetoric from a megaphone — the very embodiment of a squeaky wheel.

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