Statement on Executive Actions on Pipelines

January 24, 2017 by

Statement from Jack Rafuse, former White House energy adviser:

“President Donald Trump’s support of a broader energy policy is now becoming a reality. By advancing the Keystone XL pipeline and the Dakota Access pipeline, Trump is encouraging the U.S. to pursue energy policies that focus on an “all of the above” strategy in pursuit of strengthening our nation. This action is welcoming news for our nation’s economy, people and the future of our energy security.

“These impressive infrastructure projects, including Keystone XL which was previously approved by the State Department, will bolster economic growth and employment opportunities throughout America’s industries and will inject billions of dollars back into our communities. More importantly, this safe transportation of energy will firmly secure the United States as an energy leader in the global marketplace – ensuring a more reliable source of energy for ourselves and foreign allies.

“However our leadership’s efforts should not stop here. Many infrastructure projects are desperately needed throughout our country in order to safely transport energy to domestic and international markets. Without future investments and support, the United States will never fully address the nation’s energy, economic, and national security needs.”

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