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40 Years in Domestic Energy: What’s Changed Since OPEC Embargo

Recently, both the Christian Science Monitor and Scientific American included comments I made about how the domestic energy picture has changed in the 40 years since the OPED oil embargo.  Excerpts are below.  To see my latest pieces and comments, … Read More

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Three reasons US is better off 40 years after Arab oil embargo

The world has changed. For US energy, that’s a good thing.Forty years after the first Arab oil embargo exposed the risks of dependence on foreign oil, the US has made adjustments to reduce its vulnerability to short-term supply disruptions. Here are three of the biggest changes: Energy boom: New drilling techniques are coaxing vast amounts of fossil fuels from stubborn shale rock formations in Texas, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere. The US is producing so much natural gas that it’s beginning to export it.

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Defining the tax debate

At nearly 74,000 pages, the U.S. Tax Code is a bloated, destructive and unwieldy mess.
It demands fear and inspires loathing more than respect. Accidentally violate it, and you encounter bureaucratic revenge and pay a debilitating fine; do so willfully, and you also serve prison time.

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No modest proposal from Anthony Swift

As the time nears for U.S. President Barack Obama’s decision on the Keystone XL pipeline, the opposition approaches hysteria.

A case in point was testimony by Anthony Swift of the National Resources Defense Council at a congressional hearing on April 10. Swift said nothing new or creative; he dusted off old falsehoods by environmental groups who will do anything to stop construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. His misstatements showed how far they will go.

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U.S. Rep Markey Turns a Blind Eye to Fixing American Policies

A recent article in the Washington Post exposes the rabid consistency of Congressman Markey (D-MA). He consistently ignores economics, logic, ethics and the U.S. Constitution. As someone who spends a lot of time in Massachusetts, it’s quite disappointing to see this disposition from someone like the Commonwealth’s U.S. Senate candidate, Rep. Ed Markey.
He relishes his chosen role of long-term, lead crusader against various tax deductions for American companies — especially American-based oil companies — though multinationals and foreign state-owned companies get those treatments when they invest in America or elsewhere. He calls those tax treatments for U.S. companies “subsidies,” but they are not grants, free loans or any such thing that he loves when they go to “green” energy companies. The article misused the title of an old Dire Straits piece. It more accurately applies to Solyndra and other subsidized, failed, “green energy” companies who got “Money for Nothing,” and produced exactly that.

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Sequestering Energy and Environment Policy

Before we look at the Energy and Environment Policy Chopping Block, let’s see what our elected leaders have done.  Clue: 40-odd years ago the Interior Department made a budget cut by closing Washington Monument. That’s the approach officials have been … Read More

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A Couple of Recent Opinion Pieces

Here are links to a couple of recent opinion pieces. The first discussed the President’s energy priorities as reflected in his budget submittal to Congress. Go to: The second dealt with the President’s crusade to convince Americans that the oil … Read More

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Musings: Obama and Gas Prices. Soon — The Supreme Court and Alien Tort cases; and More Dodd Frank Overreach

President Obama says he’s not to blame for high gasoline prices, but he will fix them. Let’s look at his thinking and logic. Read More

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Pajamas Media: America will Remain the World’s Leader in Innovation…With the Right Policies

My latest column was featured yesterday in Pajamas Media, where I write, “America can continue to lead the world in innovation and development, and under the right policies it will. We can’t afford to limit ourselves by allowing the government … Read More

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The End of Ethanol Subsidies (!/?)

A January 2, 2012 Washington Post editorial noted that, Congress closed 2011 without continuing two hideous ethanol subsidies.  It’s about time; now, will they stick to their guns?  Perhaps. For years, many of us argued that the $0.45 per gallon tax credit for adding ethanol … Read More

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