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Washington Post’s “Most Consequential Environmental Stories of 2017”

The Washington Post listed their 10 most consequential environmental stories.  Summaries and my comments (in italics) are below. 1. Withdrawal from the Paris climate accord.  Blasts the US withdrawal “from a global effort to cut greenhouse gas emissions in an attempt … Read More

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40 Years in Domestic Energy: What’s Changed Since OPEC Embargo

Recently, both the Christian Science Monitor and Scientific American included comments I made about how the domestic energy picture has changed in the 40 years since the OPED oil embargo.  Excerpts are below.  To see my latest pieces and comments, … Read More

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Former White House Energy Adviser Warns Against Motions to Intervene in LNG Export Applications

Recent protests against applications for LNG export to non-FTA countries on the basis of price impacts are short-sighted and appear to be self-serving. Nearly every macroeconomic study has evaluated impacts to U.S. LNG prices and have found little material impact to consumer prices, but significant economic gains, including a reduced trade deficit, significant tax revenue and new jobs. The federal government’s own study found that the greater the amount exported, the greater the economic benefit.

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Sequestering Energy and Environment Policy

Before we look at the Energy and Environment Policy Chopping Block, let’s see what our elected leaders have done.  Clue: 40-odd years ago the Interior Department made a budget cut by closing Washington Monument. That’s the approach officials have been … Read More

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A Couple of Recent Opinion Pieces

Here are links to a couple of recent opinion pieces. The first discussed the President’s energy priorities as reflected in his budget submittal to Congress. Go to: The second dealt with the President’s crusade to convince Americans that the oil … Read More

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