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State of the Union — Definitions

The President pledged an “all of the above” energy policy — the same threats, delays and disruptions that he has imposed since he was elected. Read More

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Thank God for Dennis Kucinich (et al.)

A new Dennis Kucinich tax proposal would define “reasonable”, tax oil and gas companies and fund the retirements for a new government agency filled with have-nots and never-wills. Thank God. Read More

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The End of Ethanol Subsidies (!/?)

A January 2, 2012 Washington Post editorial noted that, Congress closed 2011 without continuing two hideous ethanol subsidies.  It’s about time; now, will they stick to their guns?  Perhaps. For years, many of us argued that the $0.45 per gallon tax credit for adding ethanol … Read More

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Peterson Institute Warns of Discriminatory Taxes Against Large Companies

The Peterson Institute for International Economics just issued a new policy brief, entitled, “US Tax Discrimination Against Large Corporations Should be Discarded.” The institute writes, that, “If the targets of discrimination are the nation’s largest firms the country will find … Read More

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Government-backed solar panel manufactuer in California closes doors

Solyndra, Inc., a California-based “green” energy company has filed for bankruptcy — despite a $535 million loan guarantee from the U.S. government. That means, first, that the government made that loan without checking the viability of the business plan and business … Read More

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Red Mass Group: Senate Energy Tax Proposal Tone-Deaf to America’s Needs

My latest post on Red Mass Group in Massachusetts: My home town, Milton, was home to our nation’s first piano factory long before my time. And while I have enjoyed music throughout my life, it pains me to hear how … Read More

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A Paul Revere Moment

Congress’s current lame-duck session is a Paul Revere moment for American companies, citizens and consumers. And as it comes to an end, hope for the best, but hold on to your wallets; prepare for the worst. First, the lame ducks should not impose crippling taxes on U.S. oil companies. Read More

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Obama Energy Policy Helps Hugo Chavez, Hu Jintao

Below is my latest opinion piece in OpposingViews on the implications of new offshore drilling in Cuban territorial waters and the continuing threat of new U.S. energy taxes. “News of new drilling scheduled to begin next year in Cuba’s territorial … Read More

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