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Washington Post’s “Most Consequential Environmental Stories of 2017” Part II

The Washington Post listed their 10 most consequential environmental stories.  Below is part two with summaries and my comments (italics). 5. Action on the Dakota Access and Keystone EX pipelines.  According to the story, “As winter began to fade, it became … Read More

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Maryland suing EPA to Force a Cut in Power-Plant Emissions from “Five Upwind States”

The Washington Post reported (September 28) that Maryland is suing EPA to force a cut in power-plant emissions from “five upwind states.”  Suing EPA and settling the case is an enviro-tactic that has always relied on the agency’s collusion.  In this … Read More

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Washington Post: EPA employees are blind to their own mistakes

The Feb. 7 Power Post article “Current, past EPA employees fight Pruitt” showed how blindly those Environmental Protection Agency employees viewed agency behavior during the years they worked at the EPA and what they fear. In a letter to Congress, … Read More

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Morning Consult: Scrapping the Obama Energy Playbook

For the past eight years, the Obama administration has been adamantly hostile to the nation’s energy industry. The administration has taken credit for booming U.S. energy production and its benefits, none of which came from government action; all resulted from energy sector … Read More

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New Report: Environmental Justice Beyond Flint

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) faces three crises that require urgent attention from federal and local regulators for years to come. First, in Flint, media-driven Congressional inquiries and a Presidential visit focus on lead in the city’s drinking water. … Read More

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The Hill: Industry innovation, not costly regulations, will reduce methane emissions

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, America’s natural gas industry has cut methane emissions by 11 percent in the past decade.  Methane emissions from hydraulically fractured natural gas wells are down 79 percent in that period.  Further, greenhouse gas pollution, … Read More

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Don’t Forget about LNG in Your Backyards: on the effort to deny LNG exports

Exporting natural gas is crucial to maximizing the potential of onshore gas development for our communities and America’s energy security.  However, there is a growing, self-interested effort to slow liquid natural gas (LNG) exports.  The consequences of doing so would … Read More

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Sequestering Energy and Environment Policy

Before we look at the Energy and Environment Policy Chopping Block, let’s see what our elected leaders have done.  Clue: 40-odd years ago the Interior Department made a budget cut by closing Washington Monument. That’s the approach officials have been … Read More

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The End of Ethanol Subsidies (!/?)

A January 2, 2012 Washington Post editorial noted that, Congress closed 2011 without continuing two hideous ethanol subsidies.  It’s about time; now, will they stick to their guns?  Perhaps. For years, many of us argued that the $0.45 per gallon tax credit for adding ethanol … Read More

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Red Mass Group: Passing McConnell EPA Amendment Essential to Job Growth, Economic Recovery

A very important U.S. Senate vote is set to take place as early as tomorrow afternoon. It would end the EPA’s authority to regulate carbon dioxide, which it began doing this past January. And this means the fate of America’s … Read More

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