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The Hill: More Than A Pipeline Is At Stake In Dakota Access Fight

In just a few brief words, President Obama made the situation surrounding the Dakota Access Pipeline much more dangerous. Further, he demonstrated that he continues to put politics over the interests of the public. In a recent interview, the president … Read More

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Real Clear Energy: Repercussions of Dakota Access Pipeline Delay

The repercussions of the Obama administration’s decision to continue delaying the more than half-completed Dakota Access pipeline would extend well beyond billions in private investment dollars, tens of thousands of lost jobs, and hundreds of millions in denied annual tax … Read More

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Washington Post: The fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline is a movement — backward

As an employee of the White House, Office of Management and Budget, Federal Energy Administration and an international oil and gas company (Unocal), I participated on both sides of energy regulatory proceedings. I still closely follow energy industry and policy developments. The … Read More

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The Hill: Emotions Overcoming Facts In North Dakota Pipeline Dispute

It’s easy to overlook facts when issues strike an emotional chord.  The saying goes that everyone is entitled to their own opinion; but not their own facts.  Unfortunately, it appears that opinions have already trumped facts when it comes to … Read More

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New Report: Environmental Justice Beyond Flint

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) faces three crises that require urgent attention from federal and local regulators for years to come. First, in Flint, media-driven Congressional inquiries and a Presidential visit focus on lead in the city’s drinking water. … Read More

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Grand Junction Business Times: Squeaker wheels distract from energy conversation

There’s an old saying: “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.” Environmental activists and groups are taking this idiom to new heights, planning extreme events across the country and the world to act out in civil disobedience in protest of the … Read More

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Juneau Empire: When dealing with low oil revenues, Alaskans should come first

It’s been a rough couple of months for Alaska’s telecommunications monopoly, GCI. First, a GCI executive at the company’s Anchorage-based television station KTVA made some extremely insensitive comments. The company cracked down by issuing a six-tweet apology. Then, GCI was … Read More

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Morning Consult: Governors, Disinvestment and Climate Logic

In January, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker and Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin, in State of the State addresses, vowed new climate change efforts. Governor Baker proposed initiatives on renewables to meet Bay State energy needs.  He cited Massachusetts’ $37 million investment … Read More

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The Hill: The oil and gas balancing act

Oil prices in the United States have been in steady decline for months. Driven by a number of factors-increased domestic supply, slowing growth in China and a stronger US dollar-prices here at home continued a 17 percent slide in the … Read More

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The Hill: Industry innovation, not costly regulations, will reduce methane emissions

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, America’s natural gas industry has cut methane emissions by 11 percent in the past decade.  Methane emissions from hydraulically fractured natural gas wells are down 79 percent in that period.  Further, greenhouse gas pollution, … Read More

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