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Statement on Executive Actions on Pipelines

Statement from Jack Rafuse, former White House energy adviser: “President Donald Trump’s support of a broader energy policy is now becoming a reality. By advancing the Keystone XL pipeline and the Dakota Access pipeline, Trump is encouraging the U.S. to … Read More

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Lebanon Daily News: Allow pipelines to move ahead for the common good

Thanks to booming production from United States shale resources, this country is now the world’s largest oil and natural gas producer.  Further, Pennsylvania is  the second-ranking state in natural gas and natural gas liquids production, and demand for the vast … Read More

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Inside Sources: Miscues Hindering Alaska’s Chances of Returning to Energy Dominance

It wasn’t long ago that Alaska led the world in energy development. The 1968 discovery of oil at Prudhoe Bay brought energy boom times to the Last Frontier. The development of Alaska’s North Slope oil and the construction of the … Read More

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No modest proposal from Anthony Swift

As the time nears for U.S. President Barack Obama’s decision on the Keystone XL pipeline, the opposition approaches hysteria.

A case in point was testimony by Anthony Swift of the National Resources Defense Council at a congressional hearing on April 10. Swift said nothing new or creative; he dusted off old falsehoods by environmental groups who will do anything to stop construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. His misstatements showed how far they will go.

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State of the Union — Definitions

The President pledged an “all of the above” energy policy — the same threats, delays and disruptions that he has imposed since he was elected. Read More

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The Hill: Dissecting pipeline protests from the White House to the Cornhusker State

My latest column on the Keystone XL Pipeline was published yesterday in The Hill. To me, it seems unwise to waste millions of dollars and much time arguing over whether we want to accept these oil resources from a friendly … Read More

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Keystone: A Pipeline to Texas Jobs

My latest blog post here below, published last night on Burnt Orange Report in Austin, concerning the importance of approving the Keystone XL project: The State Department’s public meeting in Austin tonight will give Texans a chance to weigh in … Read More

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