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Washington Examiner: Green pressure campaign against banks is imperiling our energy infrastructure

If President Trump wants to succeed in office, he needs to preside over robust job creation. And a critical component of his administration’s job creation initiative lies in investment in America’s natural resources and energy production. In large part, that … Read More

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Statement on Executive Actions on Pipelines

Statement from Jack Rafuse, former White House energy adviser: “President Donald Trump’s support of a broader energy policy is now becoming a reality. By advancing the Keystone XL pipeline and the Dakota Access pipeline, Trump is encouraging the U.S. to … Read More

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The Hill: Industry innovation, not costly regulations, will reduce methane emissions

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, America’s natural gas industry has cut methane emissions by 11 percent in the past decade.  Methane emissions from hydraulically fractured natural gas wells are down 79 percent in that period.  Further, greenhouse gas pollution, … Read More

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Lebanon Daily News: Allow pipelines to move ahead for the common good

Thanks to booming production from United States shale resources, this country is now the world’s largest oil and natural gas producer.  Further, Pennsylvania is  the second-ranking state in natural gas and natural gas liquids production, and demand for the vast … Read More

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Inside Sources: Miscues Hindering Alaska’s Chances of Returning to Energy Dominance

It wasn’t long ago that Alaska led the world in energy development. The 1968 discovery of oil at Prudhoe Bay brought energy boom times to the Last Frontier. The development of Alaska’s North Slope oil and the construction of the … Read More

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Geopolitics and LNG Exports

“Geopolitics,” coined in 1904, meant “the study of how factors such as geography and economics influence politics and relations between nations.” Now it means politics among (not just between) nations and rivalries for international power. A geopolitically successful nation delivers on promises to allies and threats to rivals — or loses allies and strengthens rivals.

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40 Years in Domestic Energy: What’s Changed Since OPEC Embargo

Recently, both the Christian Science Monitor and Scientific American included comments I made about how the domestic energy picture has changed in the 40 years since the OPED oil embargo.  Excerpts are below.  To see my latest pieces and comments, … Read More

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Former White House Energy Adviser Warns Against Motions to Intervene in LNG Export Applications

Recent protests against applications for LNG export to non-FTA countries on the basis of price impacts are short-sighted and appear to be self-serving. Nearly every macroeconomic study has evaluated impacts to U.S. LNG prices and have found little material impact to consumer prices, but significant economic gains, including a reduced trade deficit, significant tax revenue and new jobs. The federal government’s own study found that the greater the amount exported, the greater the economic benefit.

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Dow plays both sides on natural gas exports

In a February 24 Wall Street Journal op-ed, Andrew N. Liveris, Chairman & CEO of Dow Chemical, laid out a cynical and self-serving argument for a “sound and balanced [U.S.] energy policy.” He correctly said that shale gas gives the nation “a historic opportunity to strengthen the economy, increase national competitiveness and create jobs.” He’s right on the opportunity — but Dow wants to have their cake and eat it too.

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Don’t Forget about LNG in Your Backyards: on the effort to deny LNG exports

Exporting natural gas is crucial to maximizing the potential of onshore gas development for our communities and America’s energy security.  However, there is a growing, self-interested effort to slow liquid natural gas (LNG) exports.  The consequences of doing so would … Read More

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