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Washington Post’s “Most Consequential Environmental Stories of 2017” Part II

The Washington Post listed their 10 most consequential environmental stories.  Below is part two with summaries and my comments (italics). 5. Action on the Dakota Access and Keystone EX pipelines.  According to the story, “As winter began to fade, it became … Read More

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Washington Post’s “Most Consequential Environmental Stories of 2017”

The Washington Post listed their 10 most consequential environmental stories.  Summaries and my comments (in italics) are below. 1. Withdrawal from the Paris climate accord.  Blasts the US withdrawal “from a global effort to cut greenhouse gas emissions in an attempt … Read More

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The Hill: The oil and gas balancing act

Oil prices in the United States have been in steady decline for months. Driven by a number of factors-increased domestic supply, slowing growth in China and a stronger US dollar-prices here at home continued a 17 percent slide in the … Read More

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Statement: LNG Export Limits Threaten US Energy Dominance

“Isolating the U.S. from global energy markets and limiting demand for domestic gas won’t grow the economy or improve America’s access to a secure and stable supply of energy,” said Rafuse. “In fact, it will have the opposite effect, increasing the volatility of energy prices for consumers and slowing the shale gas boon that is at the heart of our economic recovery.” Read More

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The Economist and Dodd-Frank Overreach

Examination of the Dodd-Frank law by writers for The Economist show it to be a model of over-regulation and mission creep. In addition, their articles show that Oxfam America (a “charity” that cannot lobby, according to US law) succeeded in getting a “transparency for other companies” provision into the law. The should not have gloated for The Economist, but they did. Read More

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State of the Union — Definitions

The President pledged an “all of the above” energy policy — the same threats, delays and disruptions that he has imposed since he was elected. Read More

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Thank God for Dennis Kucinich (et al.)

A new Dennis Kucinich tax proposal would define “reasonable”, tax oil and gas companies and fund the retirements for a new government agency filled with have-nots and never-wills. Thank God. Read More

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The End of Ethanol Subsidies (!/?)

A January 2, 2012 Washington Post editorial noted that, Congress closed 2011 without continuing two hideous ethanol subsidies.  It’s about time; now, will they stick to their guns?  Perhaps. For years, many of us argued that the $0.45 per gallon tax credit for adding ethanol … Read More

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Harold Ford, Jr. Urges the President to Declare Regulatory Moratorium

In a provocative opinion piece for Fortune Magazine yesterday, former Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. offers President Obama frank advice half-way through his first term, particularly calling on him to enact a moratorium on all new regulations for the sake of … Read More

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