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Government-backed solar panel manufactuer in California closes doors

Solyndra, Inc., a California-based “green” energy company has filed for bankruptcy — despite a $535 million loan guarantee from the U.S. government. That means, first, that the government made that loan without checking the viability of the business plan and business … Read More

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Why California’s Prop 23 is Essential to Economy

My latest op-ed was published last week in OpposingViews, where I discuss why passage of California’s Proposition 23 was essential to the state’s economic health: “Prop 23 will give policymakers the opportunity to begin anew and craft environmental regulation that … Read More

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Alt Opinion: Passing Prop 23 Essential for California’s Economic Future

Let us all hope that Golden State voters move past the rhetoric and vote for Prop 23 – a vote for California jobs, investment and fiscal discipline. If passed, Prop 23 will overturn AB 32…

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TriplePundit: Passing Prop 23 Essential for California’s Economic Future

My latest opinion piece on why California’s electorate should pass Proposition 23 next month, published today in 3p’s special series on the ballot measure: http://bit.ly/bhmgMg.

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Schwarzenegger, Senate Agree Offshore Oil Will Help Gas Prices

Right now, U.S. states are facing record budget deficits — totaling, in aggregate, at least $230 billion from fiscal year 2009 through 2011. Families in these states are getting whipsawed by the housing collapse, the weakening financial sector and, just recently, an increasing pinch at the gas pump. Read More

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