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Liquefied gas exports would boost growth

LNG is a commonly used acronym for liquefied natural gas, essentially natural gas that is put into liquid form, often for the purpose of transportation.
For international trade, LNG is sent in insulated tanker ships using refrigeration that keeps the liquefied natural gas at a chilly -260 degrees Fahrenheit. Global shipments travel to receiving terminals on a daily basis where pipelines are then used to provide this clean-burning energy source to homes, schools, businesses and government buildings. More receiving terminals are being built around the world each year.

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State of the Union — Definitions

The President pledged an “all of the above” energy policy — the same threats, delays and disruptions that he has imposed since he was elected. Read More

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The Hill: Dissecting pipeline protests from the White House to the Cornhusker State

My latest column on the Keystone XL Pipeline was published yesterday in The Hill. To me, it seems unwise to waste millions of dollars and much time arguing over whether we want to accept these oil resources from a friendly … Read More

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Washington Post: Seeing economic sense on environmental rules

Two news stories on the same page Feb. 24 [“Global warming can be halved, study finds”; “EPA eases pollution rules for industrial boilers, incinerators”] reflect an economic and cost-effective approach that industry and some in academe have long urged but that regulatory bodies consistently seemed to spurn Read More

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TriplePundit: Passing Prop 23 Essential for California’s Economic Future

My latest opinion piece on why California’s electorate should pass Proposition 23 next month, published today in 3p’s special series on the ballot measure: http://bit.ly/bhmgMg.

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