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Musings: Obama and Gas Prices. Soon — The Supreme Court and Alien Tort cases; and More Dodd Frank Overreach

President Obama says he’s not to blame for high gasoline prices, but he will fix them. Let’s look at his thinking and logic. Read More

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State of the Union — Definitions

The President pledged an “all of the above” energy policy — the same threats, delays and disruptions that he has imposed since he was elected. Read More

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Obama Energy Policy Helps Hugo Chavez, Hu Jintao

Below is my latest opinion piece in OpposingViews on the implications of new offshore drilling in Cuban territorial waters and the continuing threat of new U.S. energy taxes. “News of new drilling scheduled to begin next year in Cuba’s territorial … Read More

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Obama Energy Policy Helps Hugo Chavez, Hu Jintao

By removing the ‘dual capacity’ tax credit for American oil and gas companies, the U.S. government will give a major boost to foreign competitors – some of which are preparing to drill off of Cuba’s (i.e. Florida’s) shores next year.

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Congress Considering New Taxes that Would Hurt U.S. Economy

The BP oil spill in the Gulf sent shockwaves across America. Now, a recently-imposed moratorium on U.S. deepwater drilling has doubled the shockwaves through America’s energy industry. Jobs have been cut, rigs have been tasked to new international assignments and economic activity in Gulf communities has diminished. But currently lurking in the chambers of Congress hides a new threat to America’s economic and energy security — one that will be even more damaging and longer lasting: new energy taxes.

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Schwarzenegger, Senate Agree Offshore Oil Will Help Gas Prices

Right now, U.S. states are facing record budget deficits — totaling, in aggregate, at least $230 billion from fiscal year 2009 through 2011. Families in these states are getting whipsawed by the housing collapse, the weakening financial sector and, just recently, an increasing pinch at the gas pump. Read More

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