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Government-backed solar panel manufactuer in California closes doors

Solyndra, Inc., a California-based “green” energy company has filed for bankruptcy — despite a $535 million loan guarantee from the U.S. government. That means, first, that the government made that loan without checking the viability of the business plan and business … Read More

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Washington Post: Seeing economic sense on environmental rules

Two news stories on the same page Feb. 24 [“Global warming can be halved, study finds”; “EPA eases pollution rules for industrial boilers, incinerators”] reflect an economic and cost-effective approach that industry and some in academe have long urged but that regulatory bodies consistently seemed to spurn Read More

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Pajamas Media: On Energy, Obama’s Full of Hot Air

President Obama’s State of the Union address last week left a lot to be desired. Lisa Fritsch summed it up well on this site, writing, “Obama’s speech […] was focused far too much on lofty goals than the nitty-gritty we need to refloat our ailing ship of state.” In fact, in two specific areas his soaring rhetoric belied reality and misrepresented our nation’s future security. Read More

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Harold Ford, Jr. Urges the President to Declare Regulatory Moratorium

In a provocative opinion piece for Fortune Magazine yesterday, former Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. offers President Obama frank advice half-way through his first term, particularly calling on him to enact a moratorium on all new regulations for the sake of … Read More

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